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Welcome to 31 Days of Being Me

31 days of commitment to blogging every day. This is where I begin. I'm not a pro blogger, I have no fancy words or format. Last year I made it 8 days. This year I will do better. I'll still do random topics, I have no theme or set line to follow again. But that's ok. One foot in front of the other. Welcome to my crazy life, well, at least 31 days of it. Transparency and honesty are core here. I don't have a specific audience in mind, but for whoever lands on my pages, my prayer is that at least one of my posts will leave you inspired or thoughtful.  Links will be posted for each separate article to this post so you can find them all easily right here.  Feel free to comment, give advice, share your own 31 day links. I'm looking forward to sharing with you all and seeing what everyone has to offer. Thanks for following me, and enjoy. ~Chelle~ 

Day 1-  Another Chance

Day 2 -   In The News

Day 3 - Distracted

Day 4 -        Oops

Where in the World...?