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6 degrees of separation

Jan 13-13
     I'm sure you've all heard the term and know what it means. For those that haven't, it's the concept or idea that, every single person on the earth, is in one way or another connected. Through a chain of no more than 6 people, we are bound to be connected with others.
Lately I have found out that as hard as I try to ignore this fact, the more I find out that it is indeed true.
In some ways, its great. Like we are all a part of one big happy family. And its wonderful finding out how we all know each other. Its great for conversation and for making new acquaintances. On the other hand, it can be a bit.... unnerving, scary even. I used to say, well, I still do say, that its kind of neat that so and so knows so and so, but man if they all got together and discovered they knew ME in common, they could tell some awesome and horrific stories. Not exactly polite dinner conversation either, if you know what I mean hahaha.
And I was reminded of the world wide connection, yet again, this week, when I made a new friend and discovered, rather accidentally, they are friends with someone I know. I wonder if maybe my ex was right, ignorance IS bliss, because finding out such personal information about someone can really change how you look at that person. I mean, not necessarily in a negative way, but it does make a difference. I know, with finding out what I did this week, that I will never be able to look at that person the same way again. And it causes people to be more discreet, way more cautious about what personal information they reveal to others, especially those they haven't known for long. Because trust, is very hard to build for many, and way easier to destroy, and faster too.
I have my issues with trust. I can understand why people are wary, I am weary myself. But in trying to convince my new friend that he shouldn't have to worry so much, then finding out who he knew that I knew, made me think twice about being so quick to brush his caution off as something light and unnecessary.
Let's just say, if you are on the internet, what is posted can never really go away completely. And always remember, that at some point, peoples paths are bound to cross. So, don't do with your left hand what you don't want your right to know about, ever.
And that's my rant for tonight :D

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