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"Slander this bitch", he tells me, then proceeds to slander me online, on his twitter, which had originally 4 whole followers, and on his facebook, to his 35 friends family and current flirts that he's trying to bed from behind a machine. He tells me I deserve it, that I am asking for it. Yes, because all women just love for an abusive sob to slander them and threaten them and publicly degrade and humiliate them, anything in order to avoid facing their own misconduct and deflect it onto them.
Women love being told they're crazy too, and sent links from online pages that "prove" it, as if pulling random links online automatically qualifies you as "Dr or MD", and permits you to psychoanalyze others to make them suffer for your inability to deal with your own inadequacies.
After sending me multiple texts threatening to call mental health services, social services, etc etc. And have my child taken away from me. I had to call his work and ask his boss to tell him to stop texting me while at work and threatening me. Of course, this means I am vindictive and trying to hurt him, because I dared call his work, and this means I am trying to threaten HIM, and cause trouble for him, make him lose his job.
Just as it was my fault that he cheated on me, and it was my fault that he was angry enough to smash his hand on the table nearly breaking it, and it was my fault that he took a large chain and threw it on the table in front of me and my daughter saying he was going to hang himself but the chain wouldn't hold. Just like the multiple times he said things like his blood was on my hands, and that he was going to smash my face or any number of other threats of his.
Yet, he calls ME the insane one.
Its what abusive people do, deflect to the point that he has his friends and family convinced of my supposed mental instability because they will believe anything he says as gospel.
I wonder, what they would really think of him were they to know the truth? About the public slanders he has thrown at me? About the hate campaign that has obsessed his time and energy? About the pathological lies, he'd lie about the color of the sky if you'd let him just get the words out. Sad fact is, he almost believes his own lies.
I wonder, what people would think if they knew the truth about the things he has done and said, the threats, the anger, the violence, the lies, the cheating, the him that noone saw, behind closed doors, the him that we saw. He can make anyone believe anything. But not me. I know better. I lived with him, I KNEW him.
So he writes this huge blog and twitters and statuses and whatever he can online for the world to see and think I am some sort of evil monster, while he remains the victim and martyr, who is concerned for MY well being. Desperate to hurt me, enough that he is willing to use my own family against me, my friends, my child, and no line is too low, from telling me that I never should have been born to I should kill myself to, I am insane and need help, to trying to take my only good thing in my life, my child and my faith, he is on a mission to utterly destroy me. Why? All this to cover up himself?
Yet, once something is online, it never goes away. The words, the lies, will be out there forever for me to defend if even possible.
Not that it should bother me so much, as it IS nothing but lies afterall, but we all know, that rumours spread and grow. And that sometimes, not even the truth can stop pure hatred, and that is what this is, obviously.

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