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Help Me Please

For those reading this and have your own blog. Please help, I can't figure out what I am doing lol.
All my posts seem to have lost their photos. And the albums that held the photos was Picasa, it doesn't seem to want to keep my photos anymore, and they won't post on my blog.
When posting from my android, the same thing.
What am I missing?
I don't want to lose all the work ive done with this blog so far.
And I need to be able to post photos, yes, I NEED to.


False Advertising

Leave it to a celebrity to look like THIS and promote a makeup line claiming it to be the most "natural". Really? That's natural? She looks nothing like herself lol. Take a look for yourself and see....

Something New...

So I love my Android. And google is finally starting to grow on me. I have this wonderful new app called blogger. Scary thing is, you might end up seeing alot more of me here lol, fair warning. Ok. Now I gotta go to sleep. Nighty night!


Those who talk a big game usually know little

I often wonder about those who seem to burst with knowledge on a subject. You know the ones I mean, they use big words, and alot of them to try and confuse you, to make themselves look intelligent. Now, I'm not saying they necessarily aren't, it's entirely possible they know something I could stand to learn. But either they give me too much credit or they are trying way too hard to over compensate lol.
I have a friend on my facebook who does just that. Maybe he thinks by saying what he does, he can manipulate the subject and coerce people to believe him without actually researching if he really knows what he is talking about. I am never one just to take one at their word though.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a rock, I do like to learn and grow. But do I have to change my mind and accept everyone elses answers as truth for that to happen? I think not.
Some think I am dogmatic, rigid, judgmental.
I just think I happen to be strong in what I believe and although I am constantly growing and learning new things, it hasn't  changed my mind on my personal beliefs or opinions. In fact, the more I learn, the more it serves to solidify that what I thought was actually true.
As a christian, I have my beliefs and I am always learning and growing in the knowledge and in my relationship with Jesus. For someone to come to me and tell me they don't agree and why is one thing. But to insult me while they're doing it, defeats their purpose. And then, to blow it off by saying I shouldn't take it personally, is just another slap in the face. Hey, I am free to believe whatever I want, to live however I want, but I must agree with everyone or else that means I hate them and that's not acceptable. I am free to speak out my beliefs but the second someone disagrees they cry discrimination and its a hate crime.
If I say I think people shouldn't strike, I am unsympathetic to the woes of the working class who are overworked and underpaid and that somehow translates into me thinking they should be homeless and starve to death. If I say that I believe homosexual acts are sinful, I am a homophobe and a hater. Speaking of homophobes, I will have to discuss that one later, I have alot to say about that term lol.
The truth is, as much as I seem to come against others, I also have strong words for those within my own beliefs system and how they conduct their public lives. I'm an equal opportunist, I will tell anyone off if I think it needs to be done. I have a strong disregard for those that use God or the church to hide behind while starting wars and being the whores and hypocrites they accuse others of being.
I'm surprised I'm not in jail already lol, but that's the way we are headed. Anyways. I've had my fair share of debates, anyone who followed me on youtube a few years ago, knows that. I've learned alot since then. Mostly about how sometimes it is better to just keep my mouth shut lol. But at the same time, I will not be bullied into backing down because some may be offended by what I say. I state what I believe. I don't take it out on anyone, I don't force it on anyone, and I certainly don't hate people for their choice to do what I perceive as wrong or sinful. Lord knows, I have my own to answer for well enough. If you are taking personal offense, or if you have guilt or issues with what I believe, if you are uncomfortable or angry perhaps its your own convictions that you need to address.
My facebook friend I mentioned? I believe he is highly intelligent, knows alot about many subjects. But I don't think it is right to tell me I know nothing of a subject or that he is more knowledgable than me when it is something that he has chosen to reject. He denies the truth of the bible, yet he claims to know what is true about it. He rejects Jesus as the saviour, yet claims to be the fountain of knowledge when it comes to the life of Jesus and his purpose and his teachings and what it means to be a christian. How can you be an expert on a subject you deny the truth or validity of? And how are you any better than those you put down when you claim to be peaceful, and openminded, when you are so quick to dismiss and judge? Nearly every religious or political post I have made, he has commented on negatively, putting it down somehow, even if it is just an innocent picture that has nothing to do with the topic he makes it about.
Sigh. And people used to say I was the argumentative one. Mom, will you change your mind now? I growed up,

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