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I've been isolated for 3 years. Lately, mostly by my own choice, partly out of fear, partly out of shame, partly out of just not knowing what the hell to do with myself.
But I am starting to crawl out from under my rock. It's been a long time coming, and although this is my first and very short post in a long time, there will be more to come shortly, I can guarantee you that.
I have alot to say, and this is my venting port, if you will, at least half of it, the other half, the video vocal half, is on youtube which I plan to restart fairly soon as well.
SO the question of the day is, why would someone choose to lie about something so trivial, something that noone would even care about?
I can write more on that later, I will, not now as it is well after 1am and I have to be up early, just thought I'd throw that out there.
Since it's been three years, I can share an "older" pic without feeling guilty, so here. It's taken the year after moving to Calgary, me and my girl making faces, at Prince's Island Park. And see you tomorrow.

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