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April Snow Brings May......????

Say WHAT?! Yeah, you heard me right, major snowstorm here this week, again! I think God is messin with me lol. Here's what happens....
Few weeks ago, it's nice and warm, the weather is beautiful, all the snow went away. After the last time it came and went, I'm thinking, ok, it's April, surely it's done by now... and I don't have any shoes! It was really, too warm for my boots anymore, and they were worn out, and after wearing warm boots and being extremely uncomfortable all week, I finally go out and buy myself some shoes.  Putting the winter boots aside, within a day what does it do? It SNOWS! So, I pull out my boots, thankful I still had them and put the shoes away.
After a week or more, the snow again goes away, it is hot, a week of 27 above weather. Surely I won't need the boots anymore. But I was hesitant to get rid of them since the last time it snowed after I bought my new shoes.
So, I hang onto them. Finally, I figure it's hot, and the snows not coming back, and it's April, time for Spring! This time I clean out the front closet, did some spring cleaning, and threw out everything that was too small or damaged, including my trusty old boots.
That was 3 days before the snowstorm. And it's been wind and winter storm warnings all week. Don't belive me? Take a look, this is from just this morning.

So my daughter, who's 10, is throwing a fit because I asked her to put on her snowpants.
"I'm going to be the ONLY one in the whole school wearing snowpants!", she yells. "I doubt that very much sweety", I reply. "There's not enough snow on the ground for snowpants!". I tell her it's wet, and cold, and she says its too warm and not enough snow for snowpants. And she is rippin mad. "By the time you get to cshool, I think you'll thank me that I made you wear them". So when she steps out the door to go, complaining all the way about the coat, the gloves, the hat, the pants, and she steps off the first step into a 3 foot high pile of snow, I couldn't help but laugh.
"Hey, Kristen, I thought it was not enough snow for snowpants, wanna take them off now?", haha. Then she gets the full hit of the wind. "Hey Kristen, I thought it was too warm?" LOL. Can't wait til she comes home today, I think she'll thank me ;)

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