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Update time, March 2009

So it was a good weekend, I guess. Busy, but good. Went to have dinner with my nephew and his mom for his birthday on Friday, only 6 of us there but that's ok, he was happy we came, and I guess my mom says he was happy with his gift, he didn't expect to get anything. So there was just Eddie and Kristen and I and Charles and Cheryl and Gil.
Saturday we went to the Royal Fork, for my mom's surprise 65th birthday party. She flew in at like 1pm and was only expecting me and Kristen and Ed there, and the whole family made it a huge thing. It turned out great though, lots of family and old friends from all over. She was so happy. Then Sunday we went to church, yes, I even got Ed to go with me LOL, he took a bulletin to prove it, his mom still doesn't believe that he went. Was good tho, I was happy he came, I know he wasn't expecting to enjoy himself but I think he did, just a bit ;)

Went out to Montana's to have dinner after, then home, but we ended up going to his house that night anyways, and on Monday I met Vida and brought her back to Ed's for dinner he cooked. Salmon with orange zest, mashed potatoes with rum butter sauce and cranberries and salad with ginger pork, it was very different but turned out great, even though he said he thought he could have done better it was just great for us.
Eh, came home tonight tho, expecting Kristen to be going out with her big sister but that was changed to Thursday. No worries tho, we have the whole week, since it is Spring Break this week. And I can't wait for Vida to finally be home for good, she got her apartment, so she has a home to come to at least. She's up at Cold Lake now with the rest of the clan, lookin at what is in storage to be brought down for when she arrives in April.

I was worried about my mother though. My sister called and said something about mom, so I called as soon as I got home. Seems mom was taken to the hospital last night in an ambulance, don't know why but she was released today. All I know is what mom says, that's not much. High blood pressure, weak liver and lungs, and they say her kidney is shutting down on her. She had some sort of infection in her side she has medication for, and more tests to go to, still waiting on results of the other tests they took this week and last.
I worry about how well she can do the way she is. She refuses to stop drinking or smoking, and that is only going to end up killing her. I hate feeling helpless and standing by watching her having so much problems and I can't do a thing to help. I really don't want to have to face going to another funeral, especially hers. this early, she's only 67. I will forward a prayer request out to church and my friends on FB, I won't give up hope that God can still reach her too, somehow.

Haven't done many videos on youtube, I know, but I've been talking to people a bit still, trying to keep up there and at 360. But I'm starting to see the futility of alot of the so called "debate" that I get involved in. I have no need to defend myself, my faith is what it is, and I have no guilt or shame in that. But the phrase "Don't feed the trolls" as it is told to me, rings true. Pointless to throw pearls before swine. Those who will hear will hear, the rest don't matter. And I'm learning alot about how just not to respond in many cases, and how to see people through God's eyes. I just wish I could find the right words to communicate that what I see and feel, but too many don't understand or care to.
Anyways, that's my thoughts for today, have a kid to track down now, as she is wandering outside playing with friends, just have to make sure she's ok. As much as she drives me crazy lately, I still love her with all my heart and couldn't imagine my life without her, if God truly gives blessings with children, she is one.

God Bless,


Health Warning!

Now I know that everytime I tell my daughter to wash her hands, there is a darn good reason for it! I am going to be showing this video to her as soon as she gets home, you all should go to this link and see it for yourself!

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